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Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

What is distributed generation?

Distributed generation is generation located at a home or business which is connected to the local distribution network.  These systems are capable of generating electricity which can either be used at the home or business, or exported into the Buller Electricity network and used by other homes and businesses.

Connecting distributed generation to our network?

If you are interested in installing distributed generation and connecting it to our network you will need to carefully follow the appropriate connection process detailed in the following document:

Click here to download Buller Electricity's Distributed Generation Policy (PDF)

Two connection processes exist: the first is for small-scale systems of 10kW capacity or less, while the second is for large-scale systems of greater than 10kW capacity.

Statutory, regulatory, technical and safety requirements

Distributed generation must comply with relevant statutory, regulatory, technical and safety requirements.  If you connect distributed generation to our network systems must be in place to ensure the safe interaction between your distributed generator and our network.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following information:

PDF files can be read using: Acrobat Reader - Click here for download.

For further information on distributed generation, please contact 03 788 8171 or email info@bullernetwork.co.nz

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