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Complaints Procedure

At Buller Electricity we are committed to providing our customers with a reliable electricity supply and a high level of service. Unfortunately, there may be occasions when you are unhappy with our service. If you are dissatisfied with our service relating to your application for connection or an alteration to an existing connection, let us know and we will try to resolve the issue quickly to everyone’s satisfaction. Please note that Buller Electricity provides a free complaint service which will review and investigate all complaints received. 

What happens when you make a complaint?

All complaints are acknowledged and the details are recorded in a database. The issues which have lead to the complaint are then investigated by the staff member best able to understand and resolve your problem. To help us understand the issues, we may seek further information from you during this process. Once the investigation is complete, we will discuss our findings with you.

Once we receive your formal complaint or notice of dispute, we have 20 working days to find out what went wrong and try to fix the problem, unless either party requests and is granted an extension of time to resolve the complaint or dispute. Buller Electricity may notify complainants in writing that the company has good reason to take up to 40 working days to resolve a complaint and must explain what that good reason is. If after this period we have not reached an acceptable solution, you have the right to take the matter to the Utilities Disputes Limited.

Contact us

You may lodge a complaint with Buller Electricity in any form. Our staff can usually take care of your enquiry over the phone at - 03 788 8171, you can email us at - info@bullernetwork.co.nz, or call at our reception desk at Robertson Street, Westport, during normal office hours. 

If your complaint is detailed, it can be useful to put your complaint in writing to:

Chief Executive Officer
Buller Electricity Limited
PO Box 243
Westport, 7866

Utilities Disputes Limited

The Utilities Disputes Limited provides a free and independent service which can review and further investigate the issues for you. They are able to make a ruling which is binding on us to settle the complaint.

Utilities Disputes Limited
Freepost 192682
PO Box 5875
Wellington 6140
Freephone: 0800 22 33 40

Email: info@utilitiesdisputes.co.nz

Website: www.utilitiesdisputes.co.nz


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